Frequently Asked Quetions

How to surf at night?

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What are the uses of Black Swan?
By its unique design, the Black Swan fits all types of practices in all environments, even the most hostile. -20 ° C to + 70 ° C, you can use the Black Swan on land, at sea or in immersion.
Surfing, stand-up paddle, windsurfing, kite surfing and kayaking night
night skiing
Horseback riding, mountain biking
Professional uses:
Search of people at night
perilous interventions
Special operations.

Are the helmet and vest sold with the lamp?

The neoprene vest is included in the product. Sizes are available to fit all body types.

For reasons of adjustment, the helmet is not provided. For optimal use and water protection, we recommend the Gath or Gecko helmets

What is the green liquid?

It is the coolant, also anti-corrosion and anti-freeze.

Do we have the right to ride at night?
In France, the law authorizes the night surfing, but its practice is “free and risk practitioners.” It can not be prohibited by bylaw.
Check with the relevant authorities regarding legislation in other countries.

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What impact on wildlife?
The impact on wildlife is marginal, but everyone has a responsibility not to practice in places where wildlife is protected and must not be disturbed.

Do I need a good level of surfing?
It should be autonomous in surfing, physically fit and not to overestimate their level and abilities. Always keep a margin to be safe when surfing night.

What is equivalent to 7000 lumens?
It is a light power which corresponds to two xenon full beams, usually fitted to luxury cars.

What a difference a light board?
Imagine riding in car at night with phosphorescent tires 😬

Is 7000 lumens is harmful to the eyes?

Don’t look into the light source directly for too long. the beam is oriented in the same direction as your gaze. The principle is the same withs cars and motorcycles.

What is the difference to a diving light?
A diving light has a cooling system operating in contact with the marine environment, and can not be used for ground applications. In addition, the light spectra used underwater (red and green) is not necessary for the surface.

I saw Ultra-powerful lamps on AliBaba much cheaper, it should work well too!

YES, try …. You will come back crying.

There is risks if you practice in an area frequented by sharks?
Yes, by day and night 😉

Do we hold events?

Yes, applications on a case by case basis are studyed, our little fun is to surf spots saturated during the day … and by night. If a weather window of this type occurs near you, send us a message.

Are we looking for ambassadors?

No, but we can study your requests.

Is the extra weight annoying?

No, this may seem cumbersome but it is not in use. it is not recommended for Running activities, Trail