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Surfers get three needs: wait the set of waves, read the wave coming and surf. That’s where the Black Swan lens was born, three bright fields for an extraordinary surfing experience.

surfer in the tube at mundaka by night with a light


The physical properties of the water being particular, the light power necessary to have an excellent vision is more important than on land.

stand up paddle by night lighting a bridge
blackswan headlight lens specifications

Wait and anticipate the waves

Positioning yourself well and anticipating the waves is essential for a good take-off. So that you can see the sets coming from far away, we have created a long-range light field which is narrow and powerful.

Surf the wave

An extra-large field ensures you can read the wave perfectly to enjoy all the information necessary for a smooth surfing. Sending a floater or tucking for the barrel has never been easier.

Anticipate the unfolding of the wave

An elliptical intermediate field combining the properties of the previous ones completes the effectiveness of the Black Swan, for better wave reading and excellent responsiveness.


from 90 minutes at 7000 lumens to 21 bours at 275 lumens, you will find the perfect setup to your need

nightsurfer lighting a hill after a session

Hostile environment

With use in a temperature range of -20 ° C to + 70 ° C, the Black Swan is your ally in all hostile environments on land, in the mountains or at sea.

aurelien jacob tuberiding an solid wave at mundaka by night


The uses of Black Swan exceeds the world of surfing. Moisture, immersion, extreme heat and cold have no impact on its operation.

lloyd scott downhill by night


With standard settings, the lamp accompany you on every practices:

  • Stand-up paddle, longboard, bodyboard...
  • Skiing, snowboarding ...
  • Motorbike, ATV ...
  • Mountain biking, Fat bike...
  • Rescue, etc...
night skiing in french mountains

Designed to last

The Black Swan is designed to last, every detail has been thought out, tested and validated in real conditions.
The marine environment is demanding, so we have opted for the strongest materials and treatments to guarantee you a longer life.

quality cnc components made in france

Quality of manufacture

Our products are manufactured in our workshops in France, allowing us to control the production line and offer you a reactive and close contact when needed.

logo made in france


Power and Duration

lamp power and duration


lamp setup


BLACK SWAN SURFING provides warranty service on manufacturing defects in its products for 24 months from the date of purchase. Manufacturing defects occurring within 60 days after the purchase date will result in a replacement product. Any other manufacturing defects occurring during the year will be repaired at no charge. Proof of purchase is required for warranty support. The warranty does not cover failures due to misuse of the head light (modification, damage), natural disasters, battery problems including a flooding due to a misuse.

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