Your homebreak is overcrowded? Frustrated to be at work ? Your spot is on fire but the night fall... With BLACKSWAN SURFING™,
The night is your new playground!

The World’s most powerful headlight, Waterproof and Stand-alone

surfing is 80% waiting, 15% paddling and 5% surfing. To best meet these requirements, we have specially designed an optics that respond to these 3 situations.

Wait and Anticipate waves

The placement and anticipation of the waves is essential for a good take-off. It’s important to see sets come from far away That why we have designed a bright field with long range, which is both, narrow and powerful.

Ride the wave

An extra wide field allows you to ride waves  -like no other. It will give you all the information you need to get the best out of your surf, sending a floater or barrel riding has never been so easy.

Read the wave

An intermediate field of elliptical shape, combining the qualities of the first 2, completes package allowing you to a better plan manoeuvres down the line.


7 000 Lumens

A Unique Visual Experience

A Panoramic and distant vision

– more than 100 m range

– more than 140° of visual field

90 mins of run-time

Outstanding adaptability to your needs

From 90 mins to more than 12 hours of run-time

100% Secure

Your safety is not an option

Waterproof to 10 M


Ultra Reliable

Integrated SOS



Aurélien Jacob – Adventurer Surfer


feedback after his first session with a “Black Swan”

“It’s crazy … When you go in the wave, it’s as bright as daylight!”

Lloyd Scott – UK night surfer

Nightsurf pioneer in UK and Blackswan Ambassador

“There is no better feeling than surfing your local classic break with nobody in, the Black Swan lamp is a total game changer!”

“From the first session I had, I knew I was addicted to night surfing”

Who we are ?

Passionate about surfing and watersports, we are proud to present to you BLACKSWAN SURFING™ Technology .

A product designed by surfers for surfers.

Lamps exist on the market, but after tests, none of them really allow surfing at night. We have developed the BLACKSWAN SURFING™ to allow you to surf without constraints.
Too many people in the water, too much work, shifted tide times… don’t miss a single session anymore!

Our collaboration with the best engineers in optics and electronics, has allowed us to create the most versatile headlight ever designed for water sports. The constraints associated with the night surfing are so high that the use of your BLACKSWAN SURFING ™ for your favourite outdoor sports is a simple formality … play as in daylight!

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