beach in lima equipped floodlights for nightsurfing

The 4 best spots to surf at night

Night surfing has existed since the beginning of the history of surfing, it is becoming more and more popular these last years, we see projects and videos appearing regularly showing beaches equipped with super projectors.

It is one of the most effective solutions, still it is necessary to live near but a small stop during a surf-trip and you can discover this unique experience.

I make a point on the situation.

Positive points :

  • generally not many people
  • a really crazy atmosphere, the transparent water with the effect of the light, the crackling of the lip that we see at the last moment, when it is not the foam of the series
  • with the clear water and the projectors, you can see the fauna really well (a lot of fry attracted by the light and not rare to have big bass to pass just under the peak)
  • Negative points :

  • In some cases, paying
  • The spotlight in the face at the takeoff
  • The difficulty to "see" and "touch" the wave, you have to use your 6th sense.
  • La Sauzaie - France

    The first beach to have set up this light system is the spot of La Sauzaie in Bretignolle sur mer. It is managed by the surf club and is lit in spring and summer.

    A competition is held every summer, "le sauzaie by night".

    une vague à la sauzaie pendant surf de nuit

    La Pampilla - Peru

    First beach in South America to be equipped with this technology, 2 huge lamps of 1000 watts light the spot all night long.
    surfer on a wave by night in Peru, Lima

    Keramas - Bali

    Located in front of the worldclass spot of keramas, the hotel komune resort offers private night sessions to 6 surfers from 7pm to midnight and from 4am to 6am for the morning sessions
    night surfer in a tube at the wave kerammas

    Wavepool - Anywhere

    It will not surprise many people but wavegarden offer night sessions, equipping the artificial waves with lights is a simple formality in view of the wave configuration. The choice in brightness and lighting angles allows to offer an optimal experience for surfers, safety and visual comfort.
    surfer in a wavepool by night
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