Surfing Mundaka at night, The most beautiful left in Europe

Night surfing the most beautiful wave in Europe, Mundaka, the Basque jewel. It was a dream for the Black Swan team, our friends from Lost in The Swell made it happen.

The globally recognized Mundaka wave is a victim of its success.

When the wave is working at its full potential, it is close to 120 – 150 surfers who find themselves at the peak.

The Locals, the best surfers from the Spanish and French Basque country and visiting pros meet up. the average level is very very high …

Do not even imagine taking a bomb, they are reserved!

Only solution to be quiet, go surf the night but the forecast announces 3 meters of waves!

you have to love adventure … And that is what makes our friends “Lost in the Swell” special.

They will be served …

After tests and adjustments on our local waves, Aurélien Jacob, Ewen Le Goff and Ronan Gladu left for the Spanish Basque country, stopping on the famous and overcrowd wave of Lafitenia.

They tell us all about it


The lamps used by the Lost in the swell team is the Black Swan Pro

Now, it’s your go 😉

To follow Lost in the swell’s adventure, go on youtube and on their website

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