Jaded to be at work while others are surfing?

Fed up with crowd spots?

Want new experiences

The night, a new playground

To make a session on the point-break of the corner after the job

Surf the short swells of the Mediterranean sea

Privatize a regional classic spot with some friends

Waiting for the right tide and the right wind

Now, It is possible !

Some of the best European waves (Mundaka, Guéthary…) and French secret point-breaks are surfed at night

If you like adventure, new experiences and innovation, join us on the best spots in France.

New Black SwanNew experience

Following your feedback, We have developed a new Black Swan lamp adapted to the most extrem sports
Powerful and Autonomous
7000 lumens at full power, from 90 mins to more than 12 hours of autonomy.

Simple, Reliable and Robust
Your security is not an option.

Night surfing is not a trivial activity. Simplicity of use and reliability have been the basis of development

Versatile and ergonomic
Paddle, SUP, Longboard, Bodyboard, Skiing, Snowboarding, Downhill Mountain Biking, Snow Climbing, Icefall Climbing, Kayaking, Canyonning, Tidal Bore are the activities our customer practice.

To you to extend this list … (see blog)

For the release of the new Blackswan, we offer a lifetime warranty for the first 50 unity
delivery from 15 October
(The lifetime warranty will be available as a warranty extension )


Surfing is the most restrictive sport.

Power, tightness, corrosion, ergonomics are pushed to the maximum.

Other sports are a mere formality.

Your imagination will be the only limit

Lifetime Warranty*

95% of the product is Made In France.

We only work with the best components.

Our partners work for the military and aeronautical field.

Each lamp is mounted and checked in our workshop.

We are proud to be able to guarantee our product for life.

* Lamp – lifetime warranty

Battery – 500 cycles or 2 years warranty

890€ VAT

At Black Swan, we want it to be the only lamp you will buy in your lifetime as a outdoor lover.

A powerful lamp, reliable and durable in time.

We sell this model 890 € TTC.

Amortized over 10 years, this represents 7.41 € / month is less than a Netflix subscription.


30-day money back guarantee

Of course if the product does not satisfy you, you have 30 days to send it back to us and we refund you without discussing.

We are French, our daily lives are the oceanic depressions, the wind and the tide … and we live for that!

We love the ocean and good sessions with friends

At Black Swan, we have our approach of surfing and outdoors sports

We develop the products we want to have in our quiver, we start with the night surfing, we have other exciting projects in progress.

If you love to be on the water or in the open air in the winter than watching shows on Netflix or infinite scroll the instagram feed of worldclass surfer

Join us and subscribe to our newsletter to follow our projects and take part in the trials near you.

(The marketing departments of other brands will take care of selling you dreams … and board shorts)


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