Technical specifications

Two years of development were needed to design the Black Swan. Two years pushing the limits of physics. Two years of technical challenges and technological challenges.

To offer you the best surf lamp, we were inspired by the fields of diving, cycling and caving. Through hard work and ingenuity, we have created the most powerful self-contained waterproof lamp in the world.


Max: 100% soit 7000 lumens
Min: 5% soit 300 lumens
Angle d’éclairage
Vision loin : 4° optimisés avec la technologie BLACKSWAN SURFING™
Vision intermédiaire: 45° optimisés avec la technologie BLACKSWAN SURFING™
Vision proche: 140° optimisés avec la technologie BLACKSWAN SURFING™
Vitre Borosilicate Premium – Traitement anti reflet multi couches – < 0.5% de perte de transmission de lumière
6000 K – 10000 K
Durée de vie Led
50 000 heures de fonctionnement
Etanchéité / indice de protection
IP 68 / IK09
Contrôle de la température
gestion électronique des capteurs de température et du système de refroidissement intégré en temps réel.
Fraisage commande numérique – Aluminium T5083 (grade aéronautique) – Inox A4
Traitement de surface
Satinage et Anodisation Dure
400 gr


Pleine puissance : 90 mins + sécurité
sécurité: 20 mins à 25%
Fraisage commande numérique – Aluminium T5083 (grade aéronautique) // Inox A4
Traitement de surface
Satinage et Anodisation Dure
Durée de vie (capacité restante après 500 cycles charge/ décharge)
60% de la capacité standard
installation de la batterie
Veste Néoprène
1950 gr
Niveau de batterie
Flash lumineux
Gestion de la température
Contrôle en temps réel – coupure automatique > 70°c
CE / Rohs / CN 38.3


The physical properties of the water being particular, the light power necessary to have an excellent vision is more important than on land.

In order for you to benefit from the best lighting, we have worked with optical engineers to increase the light output of Black Swan by focusing on the necessary parts of the vision in relation to your needs.

As a surfer, you have these three needs:

  • Reading the wave
  • Waiting at the peak
  • Riding the wave

That’s where the Black Swan lens was born, three bright fields for an extraordinary surfing experience.

Without mastering, Power is nothing

Surfing is 80% waiting, 15% paddling and 5% surfing. It is these requirements that drove the design of the Black Swan.

Three bright fields for three needs:

  • Wait and anticipate the waves:

Positioning yourself well and anticipating the waves is essential for a good take-off. So that you can see the sets coming from far away, we have created a long-range light field which is narrow and powerful.

  • Surf the wave

An extra-large field ensures you can read the wave perfectly to enjoy all the information necessary for a smooth surfing. Sending a floater or tucking for the barrel has never been easier.

  • Anticipate the unfolding of the wave

An elliptical intermediate field combining the properties of the previous ones completes the effectiveness of the Black Swan, for better wave reading and excellent responsiveness.

Unsurpassed mastery of light - Watercooling

Black Swan offers the only liquid cooling system on the market.

Why ?

An LED consumes electrical energy, producing light and heat. This heat can impact their service life and light output.

For a good heat dissipation, we chose to create a liquid cooling system, it is much more efficient and effective than conventional finned heat sinks.

The advantages ?

  • Excellent heat dissipation allowing the LEDs to operate in their low temperature range, for maximum efficiency.
  • A dissipation of heat that is done in the aluminum block of the battery, for a lighter lamp.
  • A longer life.
  • A controlled power.
  • The Black Swan guarantees the same level of intensity during all use, whether it is 5 or 90 minutes! The Black Swan does not lose power, unlike conventional models.


With three bright fields and five power levels per field, the range of possibilities is wide. Black Swan offers 25 power configurations and battery life options.

To change the configuration and adapt it to the needs of the moment, you only need a few seconds!

Discover the powers and autonomies available:


Simple and intuitive, the Black Swan is controlled by two buttons:

  • Long support + or : selection of the luminous field
  • Short support + or : increase or decrease in light output
  • Simultaneous short support + and: on / off
  • At any time, you can activate the SOS signal by pressing and holding + and


The Black Swan is designed for practice in the most demanding conditions: the marine environment. With standard settings, the lamp can also accompany you on all types of other practices:

  • Stand-up paddle
  • Skiing
  • ATV
  • Motorbike
  • Mountian biking

Hostile environment

The uses of Black Swan exceeds the world of surfing. Moisture, immersion, extreme heat and cold have no impact on its operation.

With use in a temperature range of -20 ° C to + 70 ° C, the Black Swan is your ally in all hostile environments on land, in the mountains or at sea.


For maximum comfort, only the lamp is attached to the helmet. The battery is carried in the back in a dedicated vest.

Designed to last

The Black Swan is designed to last, every detail has been thought out, tested and validated in real conditions.

The marine environment is demanding, so we have opted for the strongest materials and treatments to guarantee you a longer life.

Quality of Manufacture

Each Black Swan is made by us and tested in our workshops. Power, sealing, programming, battery, cooling circuit: we leave nothing to chance.


We can customize the Black Swan to suit your needs:

  • 100% stainless steel finish
  • Optical treatment
  • Adaptation to Country or Military Civil Security standards

After sales service

Our products are manufactured in our workshops in France, allowing us to control the production line and offer you a reactive and close contact when needed.

Responsive to all your requests, we are here to give you the means to practice your favorite sport at night.

Patented technology

Patented, the Black Swan also meets French, European and international manufacturing standards:

  • CE Standard: European certification for user safety and distribution in the EU
  • ROHS standard: absence of hazardous substances for the user and the environment
  • UN 38.3 standard: aeronautical standard for the transport of batteries. Thanks to a transport plug provided, you can transport the Black Swan by plane.

Recharging the battery

The Black Swan simply loads on sector. The full charging time is 4h.